Monday 19th July 2021

Monday 5th July 2021

Good morning Year 3. Well done for completing 2 days of home learning so far! This week we will meet for our zoom calls every day at 9am and 1pm. Please follow the links sent on class dojo. We will be learning lots of new things in our literacy, maths and curriculum lessons. I’m sure you will try your very best. We look forward to seeing your beautiful work!

Mrs Naylor, Mrs Jenkings and Miss Quinn


Friday 2nd July 2021

Morning Year 3! Today we would like you to work through the next few slides for your learning today. We were amazed at your home learning from yesterday. Fantastic effort from you all. Keep it up! Don’t forget we will meet at 9am and 1pm on zoom. Links will be sent on class dojo before the meeting. Look forward to seeing you all then.

Mrs Naylor, Mrs Jenkings & Miss Quinn


Monday 1st March 2021

Hello Year 3! We have missed you all so much but only one more week to go and we’ll all be back together. Let’s make this the best last week of home learning so you are all prepared for being back in school.

It is World Book Day this week so all of our work is based on the book Esio Trot. We hope you enjoy it.

Big hugs,

Mrs Naylor, Mrs Jenkings and Miss Hudson

Monday 22nd February 2021

Hello Year 3!

We hope you have all had a fantastic half term and are ready to do some amazing work!

This week’s learning will be a little different as it is our History Week. You will get to learn all about some different periods in history. We can’t wait to see some pictures of your brilliant work on Dojo.

We will meet on zoom on Monday 22nd February at 1:30pm and Thursday 25th February at 11:45am

We hope to see you then.

Big hugs,

Mrs Jenkings, Mrs Naylor and Miss Hudson

Monday 8th February 2021

Hello Year 3!

We have loved seeing your amazing work on Dojo last week. Just one more week to go before the holidays so keep up the fantastic work and let’s end on a high!

Please make sure you are completing your IXL tasks and practising your times tables on TTRockstars.

Keep working hard, we are all so proud of you!

Mrs Jenkings, Mrs Naylor and Miss Hudson

Monday 1st February 2021

Hello February Year 3! 

We are really enjoying seeing all of your lovely work! Please keep adding it to your Year 3 class portfolios on Dojo.

This week we are going to be looking at multiplying and dividing by 3, 4 and 8! Remember to practise using TTRockstars as well to build up your times table recall and fluency!

In literacy, we are continuing with ‘The Stone Trolls’.

Keep working hard and being your wonderful resilient selves!

Mrs Jenkings, Mrs Naylor & Miss Hudson


Monday 25th January 2021

Hello Year 3. Welcome back to another week of home learning. Our slides look a little different this week. For each day of the week, the first slide will be your literacy and maths work and the second page will be your curriculum and any extra jobs. You may also hear a different voice on our videos. This is Miss Hamilton, the Y3 teacher at Valley View.

We hope you enjoy all of your learning this week. Please get in touch if you need any help.

Big hugs

Mrs Naylor, Mrs Jenkings and Miss Hudson

Monday 18th January 2021

Happy Monday Year 3 and welcome back to home learning!

We were super impressed with all your home learning from last week. You are putting lots of effort into your tasks which makes us very proud.

This week we will be continuing to focus on ‘Instructions’ for Literacy and we will be looking at ‘Money’ for Maths. 

We will meet via Zoom twice this week on

Monday 1.30pm       Thursday 11.45am

We look forward to seeing you then. 

Mrs Jenkings, Mrs Naylor & Miss Hudson

Monday 11th January 2021

Hi Year 3!!! We were so impressed with your home learning from last week. This made us very proud 🙂  We are hoping to see everyone on Thursday at 11.45 am for our zoom call. The link will be sent out via class dojo. Hope you have a great week !!

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Good morning Year 3!! How are you all today? I hope you are all feeling well and ready to start our home learning tasks. We have a lovely week planned for you 🙂 This week, you will be taking part in Culture week activities based on our focus country ‘Egypt’. All our learning for the week can be found on the slides below. Simply go through the slide show to see what you should be doing each day. We look forward to seeing the work you send us.

Sending you all big virtual hugs,

Mrs Naylor, Mrs Jenkings and Miss Hudson


Hello Year 3!

It was lovely to see you all at the transition event this week. Enjoy your last week of home learning with some sports activities. Have a lovely summer…stay safe!

Hi Year 3!

Well done on another week of home learning. You are all doing so well.

Here is the slideshow for the week beginning 06/07/20.

Please remember our transition event is on Monday 6th July 11:00. We cannot wait to see you! Please bring any school reading books with you to return. See you soon!


Hi Year 3!  Hope you all all okay.  Missing you all. I can see that you are working hard and am so proud of you!

Don’t forget our Google Meet on Monday 29th, 9:45 am.

Below you will find a slideshow of your work for next week (w.c. 29.06.2020).

Have an amazing weekend.

Miss Tait x


Hi Year 3!  Hope you all all okay.  I can see that you are working hard and am so proud of you!

Below you will find a slideshow of your work for next week (w.c. 22.06.2020).

Have an amazing weekend.

Miss Tait x





Good morning year 3!  Hope you are all okay.  We are missing you lots and lots.

Below is a slideshow of your work for next week (w.c. 15.06.2020).

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Tait x








As there are some children returning to school this week, we have made some changes to the way you will see your home learning. Below is a slide show of your work for the week. Simply go through the slide show to see what you should be doing each day. This is still flexible and you can work in a way to best suit you! The slideshow is a guide but don’t worry if you do different tasks on different day. IXL and purple mash activities still accessible as normal. Have fun and enjoy your week.







I hope you and your family are well. It’s a very surreal time for us all at the moment. If you are a little anxious about the coronavirus this online course might be worth checking out. It is suitable for children aged 7-12 years and has been shared with us from our Healthy Minds Team.  

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Riches


Please expectations and links to home learning below.


English Maths  Times tables


Read at least one of their

reading books at home and

answer simple questions or

if they are on longer texts 4 chapters each day

or one unt of reading plus 


Children will be

expected to work on

one section

 of each 


Children will be expected

to complete one

unit of Mathletics 

each day

TT rockstars can

be completed 

each day. 

There will be a curriculum

linked activity on the

school website each day.

It might be watching a

 simple video or completing

 a short activity through

Purple in the

 2 do section. 

Year 6 will have questions

 to answer from

given texts.

Year 6 will have questions to answer

from given texts.

Year 6 will have


to answer from given


Week beginning 8th June 2020

Dear Year 3 Parents,

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to home learning throughout this long period away from school. It has been wonderful to keep in touch online and via telephone with the children and yourselves.

Now that some children are attending school, I will be posting lessons for the week each weekend. Lessons are still organised into days and online platforms such as IXL will still be used.

Thank you again to both adults and children for the fantastic dedication to learning.

Many thanks,

Miss Tait x


Friday 5th June 2020

Morning Year 3, your tasks today are:

IXL – complete your tasks online.


Now that you have collected some junk/materials from around the house, we want you to spend some time just thinking!

We want you to gather as much junk/materials as you can and spread them out on a table. Have a little think about what you could make with the materials you have. You don’t have to draw or write anything down, today is just time to have a little think about what you COULD make.

Here are some things to think about.

Could you make these out of toilet rolls or kitchen rolls?

Could you cut up the cardboard from a cereal box to make these different shapes needed for this ride?

Could you cut up an egg carton to make seats for a ride?

Have fun !

Enjoy! Miss Tait x

Thursday 4th June 2020

Morning my gorgeous lot!

Today’s jobs are:

Mathletics – more work on shapes

Science –

What is reflection?

Our objective today will be: To understand that light can be reflected from different materials.

When light from an object is reflected by a surface, it changes direction. It bounces off the surface at the same angle as it hits it.

Smooth, shiny surfaces such as mirrors and polished metals reflect light well. Dull and dark surfaces such as dark fabrics do not reflect light well.


Follow the bbc bitesize website link to find out more about reflection and then complete the purple mash activity ‘Reflection and Surfaces’.

Purple Mash writing project – reflection and surfaces

Enjoy! Miss Tait x

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Morning year 3! Just a quick note to say we are now over 40, 000 questions on IXL- well done! Keep up the magnificent work.

Today’s jobs:

IXL – complete the assigned questions for maths and English

TTRS – play for 20 minutes

RE –

Today we are thinking about rules that are set by different religions.  Look at this video on Purple Mash about rules in Islam, then see if you can create some rules of your own by completing the activity at the end.

Good luck and enjoy,

Miss Tait

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Have a Terrific Tuesday | Tuesday quotes good morning, Tuesday ...

It was lovely to see so many of you back to working on IXL yesterday. If you didn’t manage it, why not log on today and catch up!

Today’s jobs:

Mathletics – We will be learning about ‘shape’. Complete your assigned tasks.

Here is a link to help you.

Look at ‘Names of polygons’ to look at the number of sides. This will help you complete the task.


Read chapter 6 of The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe

Click to access LionWitchWardrobe_CSL.pdf

DT – 

Lesson 1

For DT over the next couple of weeks, we would like you to create something very special. We would like you to design and make a ride that you may find at a theme park/ fairground. We do not want you to go out and buy materials. We want you to use junk/recycling you have in your home- so start collecting! This will take a few lessons so please don’t do everything at once!

Here are some examples:


Your task today before you even begin to think about your model, is to do some research. Work with an adult to research different theme parks/rides across the world to give you some inspiration. Have a look to see how many different kinds of rides you can see and have a think, what could you make them out of?

Some questions to start you off:

  • What is the most popular theme park in England?
  • What is the most popular theme park in the world?
  • Find three rides from Disney World.
  • What else might you find at a theme park/fairground?
  • How tall is the tallest roller coaster in the world?

Here is a video to watch which shows you lots of different types of rides.

Nickelodeon Theme Park

Enjoy learning about different rides! Remember to start collecting some junk/food cartons – don’t throw them away!

Miss Tait x


Monday 1st June 2020

Welcome back Memes

Wow! I cannot believe in is now June! I hope you all had a fabulous, relaxing week and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Today’s jobs:

IXL – I have only set you one new English and one new Maths IXL. I would like you to take today to complete those, then catch up on some tasks you haven’t managed to complete yet.

PE – 

What’s Your Name workout

Select each letter of your name and that’s the activity you have to do. You could keep it simple by just doing your first name, challenge yourself with first name and surname OR super challenge with first, middle and surname!!

What will your work out be?

Science –

Our new science topic this half term is ‘Light and Dark’. Before you start today’s task make a list of all of the things you already know about light and dark. What would you like to know?

Light sources:

source of light makes light. The Sun and other starsfirestorches and lamps all make their own light and so are examples of sources of light. Some animals, such as fireflies and glow-worms, are light sources. They make their own light to attract mates.


Explore the bbc bitesize website to find out about light what it is and light sources. There is a presentation, a ‘fill in the gaps’ activity and a quiz.

When you have completed your research visit purple mash and complete the activity ‘Sources of Light’.

What is dark?

Can you write a sentence to answer this question?

(Hint: the answer to this question you will find on the Seymour science video clip)

Enjoy! Miss Tait x

Friday 22nd May 2020

IT IS A FABULOUS FRIDAY! | Winter Tells It All

Good morning my lovely lot. Hope you have all had a lovely week and are looking forward to a week off. There will be no work set over the week off so relax, spend time with your lovely families and enjoy some fresh air.

Today’s jobs:

IXL – complete assigned tasks

TTRS- Play for 20 minutes

Topic –

  • Animal Silhouette and Patterns:A silhouette is the black shape of an object. We can also say, shadow. Today you are going to use animal silhouettes and patterns to make an animal themed piece of artwork.Firstly, I would like you to think about your favourite animal. Think about its skin or fur in terms of pattern and texture. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Can you think of any words to describe it i.e. furry, spiky, slimy, fuzzy, sharp etc.? What colour is the skin or fur of your animal? Look at the animals below and see if you can describe their skin, fur or feathers.     

When you have chosen your creature, using black paper and a pencil, trace, draw the outline of your chosen animal, carefully including part of its body that helps identify it.

Next, carefully cut the outline of your animal out of the black paper and put it to one side. If you can’t find any black paper you could always use white and then colour your animal shape in black with a black pencil or pen.


Next, using white paper, lightly draw the pattern of your animal’s skin or fur all across the page. Using your coloured pencils or oil pastels, fill in the colours inside your pattern. As you do this consider what texture might feel like and how you can convey that in your line quality. If your texture is fuzzy, use short soft strokes. If your texture is spiky, use long specific strokes. If your skin is bumpy like an octopus’ example, we left white areas around the suckers to show the suckers above the skin. When you have finished your skin/fur background you will then need to stick your black animal silhouette into the centre of your page……. hey presto you’ve created a piece of Animal Art!


Send us a photo showing your finished designs.

Enjoy, Miss Tait xx

Thursday 21st May 2020

Today’s jobs are:

Reading – read your book or a magazine/comic for 20 minutes.

Maths – complete your assigned mathletics tasks.

Topic- As part of our animal-themed week we are going to be making a piece of fish art- where the fish can open and close his mouth!

You will need:


-coloured pens/pencils


Here is the link to watch the video:

There are step by step instructions below if you are unable to watch the link. Have a think, once you have made your fish art, could you do it with any other animals?

Send over your finished pictures to the school FB page. Enjoy!


Fold your paper into thirds.

Draw the outline of the fish with a pencil.

Open up, and draw the inside pattern and teeth.

Open it up and go over pencil markings in darker pencil or pen.

Colour it in.

Open and close the picture to show the fish opening and closing its mouth!

Enjoy creating your picture! Miss Tait x

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning Year 3- I have been LOVING seeing some of your acts of kindness this week. Be sure to continue sending them in.

Today’s jobs:

Enjoy! Miss Tait x

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hi everyone! Well done on hitting 30,000 IXL.. it is an amazing achievement!

Today’s jobs:

  • Complete your assigned task on MathleticsFor this, you are adding fractions with the same denominator (bottom number). They are the same, so stay the same! You only have the add the numerator (top number).
    eg. 2/5 + 1/5 = 3/5
  • Read chapter 5 of The lion, the witch and the wardrobe
  • Focus on your 4 or 8 times table this week – can you learn them? Use Hit the button to practise.
  • Act of Kindness Task 2Today we want you to ‘brighten’ the place up a little! Use colour to do something kind and make people happy.You could :
    • Do a chalk painting of positive words on the path
    • Draw a picture for your postman and leave it on your door
    • Decorate your window (with adult’s permission)
    • Draw a picture and post it to a friend

      Miss Tait x

Monday 18th May 2020

30 Best Memes To Start Monday The Right Way |

Good morning my lovely lot. Hope you and your families all had a fantastic weekend and are keeping safe! Before you continue reading, just a reminder that IXL tasks go live on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday… but you can complete them whenever is a good time for you.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and in light of the current situation, it is even more important than usual to raise awareness.

Kindness has been chosen as this year’s theme because “Kindness strengthens relationships, develops community and deepens solidarity. It is a cornerstone of our individual and collective mental health. Wisdom from every culture across history recognises that kindness is something that all human beings need to experience and practise to be fully alive.”

We have decided to try and take part in an act of kindness each day this week and want you to join in. It may be an act of kindness towards a friend, family member, a stranger or even yourself!

Job 1

Why not do something kind and make someone laugh today? It has been proven that having a laugh is super for your mental health and well being! It reduces stress and releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals.

So, we want to you think of your best jokes to make people laugh. Any great ones you can think of, send us a video of you telling them or write them down and we will share them on the Facebook page.

Here’s one to get you started…..

I think you can do even better….

Job 2 – Listen to this story online about being kind

Job 3 – complete your IXL

Enjoy, Miss Tait x

Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning Year 3. Hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend.

Today’s jobs:

IXL – complete your assigned tasks

TTRS – last day to battle against Year 3 at Valley View

Topic challenge….. Can you create a portrait of yourself using natural materials you gather from your garden or near your house.  Here are some ideas to get you started.


Enjoy- don’t forget to send us photos.


Miss Tait x

Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning Year 3.

Tomorrow's day 4. I must say things are a bit of a blur... I'm ...

Today’s jobs:


Read and answer the questions for chapter 4.

  • How did Edmund feel when the Queen first invited him to sit with her?
  • What was special about the Turkish delight?
  • What was the Queen especially interested in learning about his family?
  • Where did the Queen say she’d like to take Edmund? What must he do for that to happen?
  • What did the Queen tell Edmund about fauns?
  • How did Lucy feel about Edmund having got to Narnia?Maths 

Answer your set tasks on Mathletics.


Our final day of geography today and you’re off all around the World!  

Can you learn the continents song!

It’s catchy – you may be singing it all day!

Finally, complete the Purple Mash labelling activity to show us what you know!

Good luck!

Miss Tait x

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning!

We are half way through the week and the sun is shining again! Yay!

Have a think today about your attitude and how you can change it to see things more positively. For example… if you are starting to get a bit bored stuck in the house… think.. well, at least I am lucky enough to have a warm, safe house with my family! Let’s try and be super positive today! Send me all your positive vibes Year 3 and I’ll send mine back to you so we can all have a SUPER DAY!


Positive | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

Today’s work:


Today we are going even further away – all the way around Europe!

Have a look at this website first to learn about Europe (or any other website you can find!)

Then, show us what you have learnt by completing this activity on Purple Mash

Enjoy your trip around Europe!


Miss Tait x

Tuesday 12th May 2020


Sign into mathletics and complete the next assigned task.


I’m going to give you another day to read chapter 4 of The lion, the witch and the wardrobe before I put the recording on. If you have read this already, make sure you read your reading book today for 20 minutes.


Your topic activity for today is as follows…..

We’re going a bit further away today – all around the United Kingdom!

Have a look at this video of the United Kingdom

then go onto Purple Mash to label countries and capital cities

Labelling countries in UK and

Labelling capital cities in UK.

Which city would you like to visit?


Miss Tait x

PS. Remember, if you have time and are looking for more work to follow, why not take a look at:

Monday 11th May 2020 

Good morning boys and girls! How are we all? I hope you all had a lovely weekend and stayed safe!

Today’s tasks are:

  • IXL – Sign into IXL and complete the assigned tasks – look at the ‘recommended by my teacher’ section.
  • Topic
    In Topic today, we are off on a virtual trip to Newcastle!Watch this video of the local area – do you spot anywhere you recognise? sign into Purple Mash and complete the postcard as though you are a visitor in Newcastle., you could create your own paper postcard and send us a photo via Messenger!

  • Reading – time to read chapter 4 of The lion, the witch and the wardrobe.
  • Log onto Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) and battle against our Year 3 friends at VV!


Miss Tait xx

Thursday 7th May 2020

Good morning Year 3. Hope you are all well- it looks like the sun is coming back out for a few days so make sure you make the most of it and enjoy some fresh air!

Today’s jobs:

Reading – answer questions for chapter 3.

  • True or false? Lucy decided to go along with it and tell her siblings she made the story up, just to get them to stop teasing her.
  • What were the children doing when she next got into the wardrobe?
  • Who followed Lucy into the wardrobe?
  • What did Edmund hear as he was looking around the forest?
  • True or false? The lady on the sleigh was ugly.
  • Who did the lady introduce herself as?Maths – answer questions on mathletics, and finish off the battle on TTRS.


As you know, it is VE Day tomorrow so here are a few recipes you might want to try to enjoy if you are celebrating in your garden. Please send us a photo of your cooking and your celebrations.…

Carrot Cake

During WWII, sugar was rationed to 8 oz (ounces) a week – that’s 225g (grams), the equivalent of just 15 tablespoons!

Carrots were used as a replacement for sugar in many cake and biscuit recipes.


8 oz (225 g) self-raising flour

3 oz (90 g) margarine

3 oz (90 g) sugar

4 oz (110 g) finely grated carrot

2 oz (60 g) sultanas

a little milk or water

A reconstituted egg, or fresh egg if available


  1. Preheat the oven to 220ºC or Gas Mark 7.
  2. Sift the flour into a mixing bowl.
  3. Rub in the margarine.
  4. Add the sugar, carrot, sultanas and egg.
  5. Mix together.
  6. Add in a small amount of water or milk – just enough to make the mixture sticky.
  7. Pour mixture into a lined baking tin and cook until golden in colour.

Oaty Biscuits

Ingredients:   (Makes 20 biscuits)

4 oz (110 g) margarine or butter

3 oz (90 g) sugar

7 oz (200 g) rolled oats

5 oz (150 g) flour

1 tsp (teaspoon) baking powder

a pinch of salt

a little milk

1 reconstituted egg, or fresh egg if available


  1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC or Gas Mark 4.

2.. Cream the margarine or butter with the sugar.

  1. Add the rolled oats and mix well.
  2. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt into the mixture.
  3. Add the egg and mix again.
  4. Divide the mixture into 20 balls.
  5. Press each ball between your palms to flatten them until they are between 1/2 cm and 1 cm thick.
  6. Place on a greased baking tray.
  7. Bake for around 15 minutes until the edges are golden.

Fresh Lemonade


5 lemons

160 grams sugar

1 . 2 litres water


  1. Remove the rinds from the lemons. Cut the rinds into smaller pieces, and place them in a bowl. Put the lemons to one side for now.

2. Sprinkle the sugar over the lemon rinds and leave for one hour.

  1. Bring the water to the boil in a saucepan, then remove from the heat.
  1. Add the sugared lemon rinds to the water, and allow to cool for 20 minutes.
  1. Remove the lemon rinds from the water.
  2. Squeeze the lemons into another bowl. Remove any seeds.
  3. Add the lemon juice into the sugar mixture.
  4. Pour into a jug and put the lemonade in the fridge to cool.Enjoy your lovely, long weekend guys! Stay safe!
    Miss Tait x

There is no work for Friday 8th May as it is bank holiday, but here are some suggested VE Day tasks- if you wish to, choose one you haven’t done yet and enjoy!

Make bunting.
Write a newspaper report.
Write a postcard.
Make a flag.
Write a diary entry – a soldier returning home/a person listening to the broadcast.
A menu for a picnic party.
A shopping list for the things needed for the party.
A poster celebrating peace and being kind.
A picture saying what we are thankful for.
Learn some of the dance moves of popular 1940’s dance ‘The Lindy Hop’.
An invitation to a picnic party.
Listen to the song ‘We’ll Meet Again’ – Vera Lynn.

Wednesday 6th May 2020 

Image may contain: meme, possible text that says 'HAPPY WEDNESDAY WE'RE HALF WAY THERE!'

Good morning my lovelies!

We are in fact, over half way there as we have a shorter week with it being bank holiday on Friday. The medals you guys sent in looked brilliant yesterday – well done!

Today’s tasks :

Grammar –

Click in the link above and refresh your memory of conjunctions in this little game! Enjoy!

IXL – complete all tasks selected on your IXL today.

Here are some links to videos to help for the children who have fractions tasks:


Morse Code Challenge – On Tuesday 8th May, 1945, millions of people rejoiced in the news that Germany had surrendered. In towns and cities across the world, people marked the victory with street parties, dancing and singing. Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at that time, gave a rousing speech to the nation.

Your challenge is to use the morse code chart below to decipher part of Churchill’s famous speech! Follow the above link to hear an actual recording of Winston Churchill.

(TIP: look carefully for the spaces that indicate the end of one letter and the start of another.)


A .- B -… C -.-. D -.. E . F ..-.

G –. H …. I .. J .— K -.- L .-..

M — N -. O — P .–. Q –.- R .-.

S … T – U ..- V …- W .– X -..-

Y -.– Z –.. . .-.-.- , –..– ! ..–.

–. — -.. / -… .-.. . … … / -.– — ..- / .- .-.. .-.. .-.-.- / – …. .. … / .. … /

-.– — ..- .-. / …- .. -.-. – — .-. -.– ..–. / .. – / .. … / – …. . /

…- .. -.-. – — .-. -.– / — ..-. / – …. . / -.-. .- ..- … . / — ..-. /

..-. .-. . . -.. — — / .. -. / . …- . .-. -.– / .-.. .- -. -.. .-.-.- / .. -. / .- .-.. .-.. /

— ..- .-. / .-.. — -. –. / …. .. … – — .-. -.– / .– . / …. .- …- . /

-. . …- . .-. / … . . -. / .- / –. .-. . .- – . .-. / -.. .- -.– / – …. .- -. /

– …. .. … .-.-.- / . …- . .-. -.– — -. . –..– / — .- -. / — .-. /

.– — — .- -. –..– / …. .- … / -.. — -. . / – …. . .. .-. /

-… . … – .-.-.- / . …- . .-. -.– — -. . / …. .- … / – .-. .. . -.. .-.-.- /

-. . .. – …. . .-. / – …. . / .-.. — -. –. / -.– . .- .-. … –..– / -. — .-. / – …. . /

-.. .- -. –. . .-. … –..– / -. — .-. / – …. . / ..-. .. . .-. -.-. . / .- – – .- -.-. -.- …

/ — ..-. / – …. . / . -. . — -.– –..– / …. .- …- . / .. -. / .- -. -.– /

.– .- -.– / .– . .- -.- . -. . -.. / – …. . / .. -. -.. . .–. . -. -.. . -. – /

.-. . … — .-.. …- . / — ..-. / – …. . / -… .-. .. – .. … …. /

-. .- – .. — -. .-.-.- / –. — -.. / -… .-.. . … … / -.– — ..- / .- .-.. .-.. .-.-.-


Did you manage to decipher this part of Churchhill’s speech?

  • This is the actual speech:God bless you all.This is your victory!It is the victory of the cause of freedom in every land.In all our long history we have never seen a greater day than this.Everyone, man or woman, has done their best. Everyone has tried.Neither the long years, nor the dangers, nor the fierce attacks of the enemy, have in any way weakened the independent resolve of the British nation.God bless you


Tuesday 5th May 2020 

Good morning Year 3. For the rest of this week we will be focusing on VE Day tasks, and continuing the geography we started next week. Today’s tasks are:


Listen to and read along to Chapter 3 of The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. It’s getting GOOD!!!


Complete Mathletics task – Remember when completing this task, you can draw circles, a bar model or divide by the denominator. EG. 1/4 of 20. Your could draw 4 circles and share out 20, remember to count 1 circle for the answer after checking they are all equal. Or, you could divide by 4.

1/3 of 18- draw 3 circles, share out 18, check they are equal, count one circle. Or, divide by 3.

TTRS – We have create a short battle for Year 3 against Year 2 – it starts today, ends Thursday! Let’s try to win Year 3!!! If you spend 10 minutes a day I’m sure we can do it!


As Friday 8th of May is the  75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day,  Mrs Watson, Mrs Calder and I decided we would include some fun activities to your home learning this week. Today we would like you to design a V.E. Day Medal !

This medal celebrated the end of the First World War and was given to soldiers who fought in the war. It was a symbol of great pride but its design was also highly symbolic. 

Your task 

We would like you to design your own medal to mark the end of the Second World War that is just as symbolic and creative.  Your medal can be any shape or size but after you have designed your medal, annotate it to explain why you have chosen your design. If you decide to make a real medal, you could write a few notes on a separate piece of paper.

Possible things to research before you start:

  • The years of the Second World War
  • Who were England’s allies? What colours would represent them?
  • Which different army forces helped out in the war? How could you reflect them all in your medal?
  • Are there any symbols which signify the end of the war that you could include?
  • Are there any symbols which signify the soldiers’ sacrifice and then the victory?

We really look forward to seeing your designs. Please send them over to the Hedworthfield Facebook page so we can share them on the page.


Miss Tait xx


Monday 4th May 2020

Good Morning Happy Monday Gorgeous People | Happy monday quotes ...

Good morning my lovely lot. I hope you all managed to have a good weekend.

This week, we will continue with IXL every other day, and on the days where we have no IXL, I will set up a mathletics task. We will continue to do topic daily. Chapter 3 of The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe will be up tomorrow to listen to.

Remember, there are plenty other activities you can do if you want more work to do. Don’t forget about:

  • TTRS
  • Topmarks Maths
  • Reading
    There is a range of free books available on Oxford Owl.’s Tasks 

IXL English and Maths – go online and complete your tasks for today!

Reading –  Read Chapter 3 of The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. (An adult can read it to you)

Click to access LionWitchWardrobe_CSL.pdf

Spelling –Your new spellings for this week have been set on Purple Mash. Take a look now.

Topic –

This week we are going to be doing a little bit of geography.

Today we are going to start close to home with creating a map…… of your house!

Follow these instructions:  and let us know how you get on.  We love to see photos of your work so please send them to our Facebook page via Messenger if you can.

Here is an example of what your map might look like:

Enjoy!  Send any pictures in to the FB page!
Miss Tait xx


Friday 1st May 2020


Wow – can you believe it is May already? I can’t believe it.

Hello 1st Day Of May- May It Be A Great Month For Forex Trading ...

We are on 15, 178 questions on IXL. If we all work extremely hard today on our IXL questions, I think we may get to 16,000. What do you think? Huge well done again to all of you – and a big thank you to parents. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy time with families. I’m hoping the sun comes out for at least a little bit!


Mathletics – you really need to read the questions and concentrate on this one. Remember, you could draw pictures on scrap paper to help you or ask an adult.

IXL– maths and English questions

Topic –

  • Now that you know the parts of the body included in the digestive system, we want you to focus on the function of those body parts. We want you to explain to us how they work. Do some further research with your adult at home and see if you can do a mini project to explain to us how the digestive system works.

You could:

  • Draw the pictures of the body parts and label them to explain what their job is.
  • You could make up a story about the digestive system.
  • You could pick 5 of the body parts and write a sentence for each one explaining the job.
  • You could ask your adult to lie down and label their body parts to explain the jobs they have.
  • You could ask you adult to quiz you on the function of each part.
  • You could make a video of you being the teacher and explaining a few of the basics about the digestive system to someone else in your house.
  • You could create a poster or a leaflet to tell us some of the main information.       

Don’t forget to share your learning with us – we love to see what you have been up to!

Reading – we have a special video today with questions all about Chapter 2 of of novel read by Miss Hudson. If you can’t open the video don’t worry, use the questions below.

Movie on 28-04-2020 at 12.44.export

  • What does Mr Tumnus call Lucy?
  • What did Mr Tumnus entice Lucy with to get her to go to his home? (There may be more than one thing)
  • Where does Mr Tumnus live?
  • What did Mr Tumnus do when he told Lucy about how he was working with the white witch?
  • What is Mr Tumnus’ job for the white witch?
  • What did Lucy do after her visit with Mr Tumnus?


Have a great day guys ,

Miss Tait x


Thursday 30th April 2020 

Good morning year 3! We only have a couple more days then it is the weekend! Huge well done to all of you – the jobs you are doing on IXL are fantastic! I am very proud of you all !


Today’s tasks- Remember, do what’s right for you and your family and complete as much as you can. If you finish the mathletics task and can manage more, then there is a purple mash and another maths job too. Take it at your own pace.

Mathletics – equal parts (Fractions)

Purple Mash –

Digestive System 1

Now that we have learned all about healthy eating and the different food groups, we will now look at what happens to the food once it is in our body. This is called the digestive system.

Look at the following links with your adults at home to help you to learn about what the digestive system is and how it works.

Purple Mash – now that you have learned a bit about the digestive system, see if you can label the body parts on the activity ‘digestive system’. We will check to see how you get on!

Good Luck !


Remember there is a battle going on between teachers and students on TTRS. I will be playing today so make sure you all have a go- don’t let me catch you up.

Hit the Button

Why not focus on division today on hit the button? 10 minute practise will really help recap those key skills!

Enjoy xx

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning my lovely lot. Your jobs for today are below, but first, why not try a little activity this morning. It’s “World Wish Day” today- so here is something you can do. 

Wish Jar

As tricky as it is at the moment, it is important to remember that it is only temporary (won’t last forever). Why not make a ‘wish jar’ and plan in all the lovely things you wish to do once this is all over. You could find a jar and add notes in, write on a piece of paper or even write a letter with all the things you hope to do once it is safe to return to normality.

Some things on my list are:

  • See my family and friends!
  • Give my nephews the biggest hug ever!
  • Go for a walk around B&M and Home Bargains and buy lots of things I don’t need but want!
  • Go for a meal at my favourite restaurant.
  • Get a McDonalds cheeseburger. (whoops!)
  • Have some friends and family round for a BBQ in the sun!
  • Get my hair cut!
  • Go for a coffee and catch up with my closest friends.

And most importantly…

  • See all of the lovely children and families from Hedworthfield!personalised birthday wish jar by jonny's sister ...

What would be on your list?

Once you have made your list or jar, take a picture and send to the HF Facebook page. Enjoy! We look forward to hearing from you all.

Today’s jobs:

Mathletics – fractions. Drag the white boxes and line them up on top of the bar. This will help you to see how many equal parts you have.

IXL – maths and english jobs



Plan a healthy meal 


The EatWell Plate – Welcome to Lindos Group of Companies

Use your knowledge of healthy eating and the different food groups to design a healthy meal. This could be breakfast, lunch or tea. There are lots of ways you could show us your healthy meal. You could:

  • Make it yourself! Take a picture of your healthy food before you eat it.
  • Draw a picture of your healthy meal on some paper. 
  • Cut out some pictures from magazines or online and create your plate. 
  • Film a cooking show style video of you or your adult preparing your healthy meal!

If you can, label the different foods and which food group they come from. 

Remember to send us pictures of your healthy meals!


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning Year 3! Hope you are all well and managing to make the most of being at home with your families.

For something a little different this morning, why not try a fun bit of dance to wake yourself up and get moving?

Today’s jobs:

Reading – Listen or read along to Chapter 2.

Mathletics – Fractions

Topic – Science

Purple Mash:


Complete the set tasks to show us what you have learned about different food groups. 


  1. Food groups– sort the food into their different food groups. 


  1. Food groups– sort the food into their food groups and write an explanation underneath to explain why we need each food group. 


  1. What is your food made of? – Use your knowledge of food groups to sort the food into two groups to explain what their main ingredients are. 

Good luck on these tasks- we will check to see how you get on!

Thinking about yesterday’s learning about healthy or unhealthy food, you will learn about different food groups today. 


Use these links to support your learning:


Try to spend 20 minutes on TT Rockstars today!


The Battle Has Been Set!

Kids V Miss Tait and Miss Bowens

We are winning so far…  Hope that changes soon!

Monday 27th April 2020

30 Best Memes To Start Monday The Right Way |

Good morning year 3, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the sun on Saturday!

Jobs for today are:

Reading (can be done at any point this week)

Click to access LionWitchWardrobe_CSL.pdf

I would like you to have a go at reading Chapter 2 of The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. I will be reading it today as well, and I will post the recording up at the end of the day ready for Tuesday. Try to read a little bit by yourself first, or with an adult at home. Only chapter 2! Enjoy!

Spelling (can be done at any point this week)

I have set this week’s spelling quizzes on Purple Mash .


Complete your English and maths jobs for today on IXL.


Complete your mathletics task for today – this links with the IXL job.

TIP – choose the correct fraction along the left side, it will split the box into equal parts. Share out the circles equally into the parts to find your answer.

EG. 1/4 of 20. Choose quarters, share out 20 circles.

Topic – Science


Healthy or unhealthy

Cartoon vector illustration of different types of food, healthy ...



Today we are learning about healthy and unhealthy food. Look at the following links to help!

Task – create a list of everything you eat today and sort the food into healthy and unhealthy! Remember to take a picture and send it to us on Facebook. I will make my list too and post tomorrow, you can decide if I’m being healthy enough! 

Keep going with all the IXL as a priority! Let’s see if we can hit the next milestone.. we have answered 9,533 questions. If EVERYONE does their IXL today I think we can hit 10,000! Let’s try our best!

Miss Tait x

Friday 24th April 2020

72 Funniest Weekend Meme - Meme Central

Well Year 3, we did it! We have almost completed another week of home-learning. A few tasks for you to do before the end of the day.

Mrs Jeynes has left a little note explaining that we will be looking to see who has been completing work online… please try to do at least the 3 IXL jobs each week.

I have made my own list of who is doing what and I have SEVEN of you who are completing everything each week- a huge well done, you know who you are.

Can I also take a moment to personally thank all of the parents and carers who are taking the time to do this online work. I know everyone is finding the new changes tough, but you are doing such a great job by helping your child complete their work online- well done to you guys too and a big thank you.

Jobs :

Maths – Fractions work on IXL and mathletics. Remember on IXL you can look at an example of the question and how to work it out.

English- IXL

Topic – 

DT: Egyptian Tombs and Mummies

Today’s task is to create your own item from a pharaoh’s tomb. It can be any of the things you have learnt about and can be made from anything you can find.

Before you begin this craft activity you will need to research Egyptian tombs and mummification. The following sites may help you.

Here are some images to give you ideas:

Remember to send us a picture of anything you decide to make!




From Miss Tait x


Thursday 23rd April 2020

Well, I woke up to an e-mail saying we hit 5000 questions on IXL yesterday! That is fantastic guys – give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back!


YOU'Re ALL CHAMPIONS .. take a bow. - Happy Homer | Make a Meme

Today’s jobs are :


  • do the introduction to fractions on mathletics that I have set

Here are some videos you may wish to watch too, to remind you about fractions. It has been a while!

  • I would also like you to go onto top marks today and practise your times tables on Hit the Button 
  • If you haven’t looked at your spellings I set on purple mash earlier in the week, I would like you to log on and do those.
  • I would like you to spend 20 minutes reading today – It can be to anyone in your house (pets included) or even a family member or friend over the phone. If you aren’t reading a book at the moment, choose a short story from the link below.
Review: Two pros aim to make it reading in 'How to Raise a Reader ...


Your topic job today is….

GDE Error: Error retrieving file - if necessary turn off error checking (403:Forbidden)

BBC Bitesize  KS2  Ancient Egypt

Follow the lesson to write your name and crack the code!  Send me your answers!


In case any of you are feeling a little worried or anxious during this different time we are in, here is a relaxation yoga video to try. Adults can join in too 🙂 


Can you remember when we talked about ‘pitch’ in music? We listened to a video and had to identify which sounds high pitch and which sounds were low pitch? See if you can remind yourselves by doing today’s BBC music lesson.


I will see you on here tomorrow for Friday’s learning, then it will be the weekend! 🙂 Stay safe guys. 

Miss Tait x





Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good Morning Year 3!

Can I just start by saying a HUGE well done to the children who are putting in 100% and completing tasks daily. I am able to see who completes IXL, Mathletics and Purple Mash tasks and there are a few of you who have done lots! Very proud. Well done and keep it up!

*** 5 Minutes 5 Questions Reading Quiz***

Based on Chapter 1 of our class novel (see below if you haven’t read chapter 1 yet).

Answer the 5 following true or false questions.

True Or False Quiz - Quiz -
  1. The children came from London.
  2. Edmund was the youngest child.
  3. The children disliked the professor.
  4. The adventures began when the professor showed them around the house.
  5. The faun carried something in each arm.

I will put the answers up on Friday. If you need to, listen to the recording again or read chapter 1.


Other tasks:

  • IXL Maths – more addition revision activities
  • IXL English – some work on syllables in a word
  • Mathlectis – a mini quiz based on all the chart and graph work you have been doing. Focus and read the question carefully.
  • Extra Task – Mrs Watson had a brilliant idea for her class so I thought I would borrow it for us!
    Learn a new job at home – you might wash the dishes, put a load of washing on, do some dusting, hoover the carpet, or something else entirely! Don’t forget to send us a photo on Facebook.Parents divided over children's 'chore guide' claiming two-year ...
    ENJOY x

********** Class Novel (Optional) – The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe**********

Year 3- we have been missing reading our novel at school so I thought we could start a new one! How does that sound?

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe The Chronicles of Narnia ...

I thought we could read it together as I haven’t read this since a was little so it would be good to refresh my memory of it too.

Here is the link to the story so you can read it.

Click to access LionWitchWardrobe_CSL.pdf

It is long and there are some tricky words in there, so I would like you to just focus on one chapter a week- don’t read it all at once. I will also try to upload a recording of each chapter each week so you can listen to it, or read and listen at the same time.

Enjoy chapter one.

I hope you enjoy it! Apologies for any small mistakes I made!

Tasks for Chapter One:

  • work with an adult to find out the meaning of any unknown words
  • draw a picture of what you think Lucy can see as she enters the other side of the wardrobe
  • make a prediction about what you think will happen

Take care and enjoy guys- please send in anything you wish to show me to the FB page. Miss Tait x


Tuesday 21st March 2020

Good morning my beautiful lot! It’s very sunny here across the river – how is it on your side? Sunny I hope! 🙂

I enjoyed chapter one so much yesterday , did you guys? I am going to have another read of it today to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Maybe you can do the same- but remember, don’t read on without me!

Today’s jobs please!

Maths –last little bit on bar statistics today on Mathletics. You are reading and analysing a bar chart.

Think carefully about the questions… Remember… “most” = the largest amount. “least” = the smallest amount.

I was very impressed with the scores from yesterday – noone got less than 90%. Let’s go for 100% today!



As we are missing our weekly spelling tests, I have found some fantastic quizzes on purple mash. I will set you some spellings once a week. Your adult may choose to test you after a week which would be fantastic. Write the words down as your do the quiz and practise them.

As I can’t send home any sheets (you lucky things!) I would like you to get creative with how you practise spellings. Think of all the things we do in class – cheer leading chants, foam, on someone’s back, in the air, chalk etc.

Some ideas for practising here!


History: Tutankhamun 

Today I would like you to research and find out about the famous Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun and his missing tomb. You may wish to use the following questions to help you in your research:

  • When and where was Tutankhamen born?
  • At what age did Tutankhamun become a Pharaoh?
  • Why is Tutankhamen so famous?
  • When was Tutankhamun’s tomb discovered?
  • Who was Howard Carter?
  • How did Howard Carter know where to look?
  • Where was Tutankhamun buried?
  • What did they find inside the Tomb?
  • What is the Mummy’s Curse?

Create a report/poster/video about Tutankhamun and try to include any key dates or historical vocabulary.

You may wish to include a copy of the Tutankhamun mask you drew from previous task.

An alternative to the above would be to complete the Purple Mash activity about Tutankhamun

Topic Ancient Egypt Tutankhamun’s tomb

Sites to help with your research:

Have fun and keep safe! Please share your pictures/videos with us online so we can see your wonderful work!

Miss Tait x


Monday 20th April 2020 

Hello Year Three! How are we all? I miss you guys so much..

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Break, had some relaxing time with family and ate lots of Easter goodies. I ate far too much and now i’m getting ready to do some healthy eating as my clothes are rather tight! Oh dear! 

Over the next few weeks we will continue to do our learning online. Your progress on IXL has been fantastic – keep that up! I will be setting work each day but I don’t expect it all to be done. I would like you to prioritise (focus on) the learning on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays and then do as much as you can on the other days. Can you do that for me please my lovely Year 3?

We will be finishing off statistics on Mathletics and doing some revision on IXL.. then we will be starting Fractions on Friday! 🙂

Today’s jobs…

Mathletics – some more about statistics

IXL Maths – revision for addition

IXL English  – revision activities

Topic- this week topic will be all based on Egyptions. 

1 – Mathematics: Count like an Egyptian

Use the information below on Egyptian numbers  to practise some of the Maths skills you have learnt this year.

The skills include:

  • Counting
  • Ordering numbers
  • Sorting diagrams
  • Odd/even numbers

Hieroglyphic Numbers

The Egyptians had a decimal system using seven different symbols

  • 1 is shown by a single stroke.
  • 10 is shown by a drawing of a hobble for cattle.
  • 100 is represented by a coil of rope.
  • 1,000 a drawing of a lotus plant.
  • 10,000 is represented by a finger.
  • 100,000 a tadpole or frog.
  • 1,000,000 figure of a god with arms raised above.

Your task today is to complete the following using the information given above:

The numbers are 7, 16, 51, 54, 61, 82, 99. See if you can draw the equivalent in Egyptian numbers.

If you need any further help with the Egyptian number system you could check out the following website which has lots of fun activities:

The Egyptian Number System

Enjoy and have a nice day!




***Continue down for today’s jobs!***

It’s the Easter holidays! Yay!

We wanted to provide you with some examples of Easter activities you may wish to complete over the holidays. Send us any pictures so we can share your marvellous creations. Have a lovely time celebrating Easter with your families and enjoy any Easter eggs!


Activity 1- Design and create an Easter egg

  1. Using any paper you have at home, draw the rough outline of an egg (oval) and design your patter/picture for your egg.
  2. Boil your egg (with the help of an adult) and let it cool.
  3. Paint/decorate your egg so it matches your design.
  4. If you desire, create a scene for your egg by using an old shoe box.
  5. Send us a pic! Enjoy!




Activity 2 – Step by step bunny

Why not try drawing an Easter Bunny? Here are a few step-by-step ideas – you can sketch or even colour or paint it when you are done. Remember, send us a picture of your amazing art.


Activity 3 – A paper ball bunny

Why not try follow a YouTube tutorial to recreate these cute paper bunnies?

All you need is:

  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Pen/pencil
  • Glue/tape


If you need more ideas, you could make Easter cards, Easter pictures or even some Easter bonnets! Enjoy and stay safe. Miss Tait

***See today’s jobs below***

Friday 3rd April 2020

It’s the EASTER HOLIDAYS! We have completed 2 weeks now of distance learning and I could not be more proud of each and every one of you.

Happy Friday! - Gourmet Gifts by Bravo LLC

We will NOT be setting homework for the 2 weeks off but I would like you to continue reading and using your TTRS accounts. Remember how much we love games like hit the button too, on Topmarks.

As it’s Friday, see if you can take part in your very own Funky Friday. Clear a space on the floor, grab your adults and siblings and have a dance to some great music.

You could also play the drum games ‘pizza’ or ‘don’t play this rhythm back’ – see if you can find some Tupperware containers to beat or even just the table and teach your adults these games!

Today’s jobs

Bar graphs 2 on mathletics

Grammar jobs on

Your differentiated jobs on IXL

and… your topic job

Today’s challenge is a Topic challenge!

Can you draw Tutankhamun?

Follow these step by step instructions to help you.

We would love to see your pictures so make sure you send them to us so that we can share them with your friends.

These jobs don’t have to be done today, complete them in your own time.

Year 3, I wish you the most amazing two weeks off with your families. I cannot wait to see you all again. Stay safe please little ones, Miss Tait 🙂 xxx

PS. Year 3! We have answered over 2000 questions on IXL maths – can we make it to 2500? Let’s see if we can get our certificate today! I will share we you all on FB if we make it! One last big push today guys- WE CAN DO IT!

Thursday 2nd April 2020 

Good morning!

Hope you are all having a super week, just two more days then it’s the weekend!

Today’s jobs are :

Science-  Human Body Healthy teeth leaflet on Purple Mash

Bar Graphs 1 on Mathletics

Grammar task on

I have also set you a reading job related to our Egyptians topic. I have set chapter 1 of a story to read, along with some multiple choice questions. Make sure you have a look on PURPLE MASH.


Good luck with today’s jobs! Miss Tait xx

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Morning girls and boys! It’s the 1st of April – it’s crazy! I can’t wait to see you all again, hopefully soon!

Maybe you could write down some of the things you have been up to so you can tell me when we are back in the classroom?


Today’s jobs-

English revision jobs on

Maths revision jobs on

Pictographs on

This may help –

Science – Skeleton activity

Today’s challenge is related to art and science…..


Can you create your own skeleton using whatever you have at home? (Check before you use pasta though, as it has been hard to find in the shops!)


Here are a couple of ideas to get you started….. Make sure you take a photograph to send us on the Facebook page once you’re done!


Tuesday 31st March 2020


Can you believe it is the last day in March already? You are working so so hard I’m so happy!

We really are THE BEST CLASS EVER! 🙂

I hope you are all safe and working well with adults in the house to look after each other?! I am staying at home and doing lots of jobs on the computer. I can’t see my nephews little Oli and Elliot because of the virus so I think I might make an Easter card for them, what do you think? If there are any friends or family you are really missing at the moment, why don’t you draw them a picture or make them a card!

Today’s jobs:

Computing 2code Fun with Fish on Purple Mash

Your grammar jobs on

Carol Diagrams on Mathletics

Here is a link that might help you with your maths.

We didn’t get to finish our novel The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. Why not finish off the story by listening online?

Enjoy! Let me know how it ends!

Miss Tait x



Monday 30th March 2020



Good morning my lovely year 3 lot. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and stayed safe. I miss you all SO much!

A few changes this week… Instead of setting our curriculum job on purple mash each day, we will be alternating between purple mash and some arty/DT tasks you can complete at home linked to our topics.

New addition… We will also be setting work on IXL Maths and English 3 times per week. You should be receiving your passwords soon but if you haven’t yet, don’t worry, you will be able to complete your activities when you get your log in and password.

These extra online jobs are for you to complete in your own time – please do not feel like everything needs to be done each day!

Today’s jobs are:


Tallies on

Skip counting and money revision tasks on


Your grammar job on

Revision jobs on


Art activity today everyone…..

Can you create an amazing daffodil?  You can draw one, paint one, construct one, collage one…’s entirely up to you!

Here are a few ideas for inspiration…. Make sure you show us your finished daffodils so that we can share them and brighten everyone’s day!



Friday 27th March 2020

Morning Year 3!

It’s Friday! Why don’t you share your favourite story from Story Line Online with your adults at home this weekend? Sure they will love Carla’s sandwich as much as we do!

Today’s jobs are:

Maths – Are you ready? + Interpreting tables on

Grammar – Your grammar job on

Science- All about the skeleton on

Thursday 26th March 2020

Morning Year 3!

Well done for all your hard work so far this week, you are making me so proud and I am loving seeing your work!

Today’s jobs are:

Maths – How heavy? + Test on

Grammar – Your grammar job on

History- Hieroglyphics on

***** CHALLENGE DAY*****

We want to invite Year 3, 4 and RB2 children to take part in a Topic Challenge. We would like you to build a pyramid… out of anything you can find! It could be paper, cups, play dough, a cake… anything you have already in the house!!!

Just in case you want, here is a simple play dough recipe:

We want to see what you manage to make – so please feel free to share with us! 🙂

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Morning Year 3!

Hope you have all managed to find the work ok and are getting used to completing online. Remember, you can still be reading your reading book, going on TT Rockstars and going on any other educational games too.

Don’t forget to keep practising your timetables on Hit the Button too, you will all be absolute timetable experts by the time we come back!

Joe Wicks is doing daily PE classes at 9:00 – I will be doing them in my living room so you guys should give them a go too!


Today’s jobs are:

Maths – How long is that? on

Grammar – Your grammar job on

RE- Palm Sunday on


Speak soon! Miss Tait 🙂

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello Year 3. For today’s work please complete:

  • History- Ancient Egypt Timeline on
  • Grammar activity on
  • Measuring Length on

Don’t forget to read one of your lovely books.

From Miss Tait

Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello Year 3. For today’s work please complete:

  • Science – exercise poster on
  • Grammar activity on
  • Are you ready? Length, mass and volume on

Don’t forget to read one of your lovely books.

From Miss Tait