The wonderful staff across the Mosaic Federation have created 100 fun things to do during the Easter holiday. Enjoy x


100 things to do during the Easter Holidays


    1. Create an indoor camp, complete with a tent and flashlight.
    2. Play hide ‘n’ seek or sardines.
    3. Challenge your kids to put together a play or musical complete with a script and costumes, which they’ll perform at 5 p.m. sharp.
    4. Set up homemade bowling with a ball and some plastic water bottles. Have the kids keep score, or count the number of times they get a strike.
    5. Challenge them to create the longest, most elaborate Domino line ever.
    6. Got car lovers in the house? Lay down painter’s tape to make a racetrack  under tables, through doorways, even up the stairs.
    7. Have your kids create sculptures out of toothpicks or spaghetti and marshmallows
    8. Challenge your kids to draw self-portraits by looking in a mirror — or to draw portraits of each other.
    9. Make an indoor sandbox out of rice and rubbing flour and baby oil into it.
    10. Have your children write letters to each other on how to be better siblings.
    11. Bring some summer inside by challenging your kids to create a rainbow indoors — all they need is a glass jar, mirror, and water.
    12. Break out a puzzle/jigsaw — one with lots and LOTS of pieces.
    13. Create your own bathtub water table: fill your tub with water, then throw in a bunch of kitchen tools and containers. Cover the floor with towels, then let your kids at it! Adding bubble bath optional.
    14. Create your own version of pin the tail on the donkey game.
    15. Hold an indoor soccer match with a balloon rather than a ball.
    16. Teach your kids how to play chess or draughts, then have them play each other.
    17. Stage a scavenger hunt in your home by giving your kid a list of objects to find. Incorporate numbers, shapes, and colours as clues.
    18. Stage an indoor snowball fight with old white socks.
    19. Break out TWO puzzles, mix the pieces together, then challenge them to separate the pieces and put them together.
    20. Stage a massive toy hide ‘n’ seek where you hide, say, all your kids’ toy cars. They may not even find them all, but they’ll spend all day trying!
    21. Build an indoor fort; pack the kids some snacks to take on their “trip.”
    22. Make a bird feeder by filling a milk carton with bird seed, then hand your kids a bird book and have them try to identify every species that swings by for a snack.
    23. Create a hopscotch with chalk one on the ground in your back garden.
    24. Make play dough and add sparkle with glitter. Older children might like to make slime.
    25. Put on a yoga video and challenge your kids to try some of those crazy poses (which they can probably do with ease). They get to de-stress and exercise and you can join in too.
    26. Dig out old photos and let the children create their own family photo album complete with captions.
    27. Blow up a balloon, then tell them to time how long they can keep it in the air without touching the ground.
    28. Set up an indoor golf course using cups or tin cans on their sides for holes. Broom handles can be used as the golf clubs.
    29. Have your kids play old fashioned past times such as noughts and crosses, hangman and I spy
    30. Learn a few magic tricks – check them out on YouTube.
    31. Play Monopoly, only use real money — Watch how serious they’ll get about the game once a little cash is on the line.
    32. Play cards – snap, pick a pair, clock patience.
    33. Tell them to create an indoor obstacle course, then time how long it takes to get through it.
    34. Forget about just tracing your hands and feet. Roll out a big sheet of paper and have your children trace their entire bodies, then fill their silhouette in as they please.
    35. Have them write a letter to their grandparents about how life is going.
    36. Make a joke book
    37. Trash Art – Find some recycled materials and let your kids paint them. Kids love painting random objects and making beautiful creations from them.
    38. Box Road – Flatten out a box and draw a road in marker. Add blocks, trucks and other toys for kids to build a city.
    39. Make puppets from socks, paper bags or stuffed animals with their stuffing pulled out.
    40. Bake a cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc.
    41. Teach each other card games with a standard deck of cards. Make up your own games!
    42. Blow bubbles outside.
    43. Draw pictures outside with chalk.
    44. Use shaving cream and create art outside or on the bathroom wall.
    45. Make your own musical instruments.
    46. Have an indoor picnic or even a picnic in your back garden
    47. Make a kite – use different materials such as wrapping paper, plastic bags, newspaper
    48. Write a list of questions and have a family quiz!
    49. Play some mindfulness music and draw something that makes you feel happy
    50. Do some gardening – find mini-beasts
    51. Do a job a day to help your grown ups round the house
    52. Learn a recipe and help your grown up to make it for lunch/tea
    53. Draw some treasure and have a treasure hunt around the house!
    54. Find a rock in the garden and make it beautiful!
    55. Go out for tea IN! Get ready and put on your best frock, have a special lunch or tea with your family.
    56. X factor Hold your own family x factor: show off your hidden talents
    57. The Voice Play your own version of the voice. Will you turn your chair around?
    58. Decorate an egg for Easter and make an Easter card for your family
    59. Play I went to the market and brought…
    60. Play Kim’s game Place a selection of ideas on a tray, look at them for a minute, cover with a tea towel and remove an item. Can the children guess what has gone?
    61. Play Charades. Use the following themes for ideas: book, film, tv programme, song/musical.
    62. Make binoculars or an ‘old fashioned telephone’For the telephone, you just need two plastic/paper cups and a long piece of non-stretchable string.
    63. Do a word search, crossword or Sudoku. Why not try a game of boggle!.
    64. Set up outdoor circuit training.
    65. Dance, sing and go crazy for 10 minutes! Check out the list of songs from Funky Friday on our webpage
    66. Have your own movie night don’t forget the popcorn.
    67. Create a home spa, relax. Give each other a ‘peer massage’ or a facial, play relaxing music and chilli
    68. Lego Check out the Lego 30-day challenge ideas available online.
    69. Create a maze/spider’s web in your house. Use string/wool/tape wrapped around furniture and door handles to create a maze- time how quickly you can get through the maze without touching the string.
    70. Play Bingo!
    71. Make butter. Check out recipes online but be prepared to shake the jar it for a very long time!! Pop on songs with words ‘shake’ on them while you shake your mixture.
    72. Create a new super hero out of clothes in your house. Take a picture. What super power would you have?
    73. Have a fashion show – can you make your own clothes out of paper/recycled items?
    74. Have a silent disco – put headphones on and dance around the room like no-one is watching.
    75. Draw your own cartoon.
    76. Learn a new craft – sewing, knitting, cross stitch, painting
    77. Play with your pet
    78. Create your own TV  show
    79. Keepy-up challenge in garden with a football
    80. Challenge how many times you can bounce a ball on a tennis racket
    81. Play “MINUTE TO WIN IT“: How many pennies can you stack in 1 minute, how many smarties can you move from one plate to another using a straw etc?
    82. Face the Cookie – get a cookie from your forehead to mouth without touching with your hands.
    83. Beat the intro – songs/nursery rhymes, can you name them before the lyrics start
    84. Stop the bus – choose a letter of the alphabet and 5 categories. Think of a word starting with the given letter for each category the first person to finish get five says stop the bus!
    85.  Word Cross – Start with one word in the middle on the page, make words coming from other letters in the word.
    86. Listen to an audio book or read a book.
    87. Carry out a science experiment. There are loads of ideas on the internet
    88. Hold your own sports day.
    89. Try Origami. Google this and there will  be1000’s of ideas to explore.
    90. Get all your chairs together and make a bus…. go on an adventure.
    91. Make smoothies
    92. Star gaze. Stay up late and watch the stars.
    93. Explore textures by doing rubbing with crayons. Start with coin rubbings then try different items such a brick, bark of the tree and the patio.
    94. Magic paint. Use water to paint pictures on the ground outside or on the walls. Watch the magic work as they disappear!
    95. Make petal perfume (an old one but a good one!)
    96. Great egg tosspass an egg backwards and forwards in pairs getting further apart each time- see how far you can get without it dropping.
    97. Make an Easter bonnet
    98. Play the yes/no game. Remember you can’t say yes or no!!!
    99. Make a fact file about the day you were born. Can you find out what the weather was like, who was number one in in the playlists, which tv programme was popular, who was the Prime Minister?
    100. Check out the Easter activities on Purple Mash